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Kate & Joe were married at The Fox in October on the anniversary of their first date. Their first date was in these seats for the Ben Folds concert. 

"I remember riding the bus up to Spokane just thrilled to death we would be singing with someone so famous. I can't recall what we sang, but I remember what a great time we had."

Allison Schuster (front row, 4th to the right of Robeson), performed in the WSU Glee Club with Paul Robeson on stage at the Fox, 1941.  

"My first date was at the Fox Theater. A girl in my second grade class invited me to see Mary Poppins. We didn't hold hands."

David Lockhert

"Climbing the Fox's grand staircase as a child, I always imagined 'This must be what Cinderella feels like when she goes to the ball.'"

Carol Snyder

"Watching the Spokane Symphony perform in the Fox Theater I was mesmerized. Even then at the age of 14, I knew it was an experience that would change my life forever."

Thomas Hampson